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Four Questions To Ask When Choosing An Optical Networking Provider


Source: Smartoptics The market for optical networking solutions has undergone some major shifts in the past years. Mid-sized vendors have largely disappeared due to consolidation. Increasing demand for more open and flexible optical networking is driving a revolution in the way network elements are procured. This makes it possible to break free from traditional vendor […]

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IDS Selects IXUP Privacy Enhancing Technology for Secure Decision Making

IXUP partnership

Leading network and data management solutions provider, Independent Data Solutions (IDS) has partnered with IXUP, a Sydney-based publicly listed pioneering technology company to facilitate the secure sharing and analysis of sensitive information using advanced encryption technology. On the back of its recent partnership with LightRiver’s netFLEX, this move further strengthens IDS’ commitment to delivering innovative […]

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How Your Organisation Can Unlock the Value of Unstructured Data

Unlock the Value of Unstructured Data

When it comes to data, there are two main categories for organisation, structured & unstructured data. Structured data is well-organised, accurately formatted, easily found and processed, and is typically presented in the form of standardised text and numbers. On the flip side, unstructured data isn’t categorised in any pre-defined way and is stored in its […]

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What is SD-WAN and How Does it Help Your Enterprise?

SD-WAN and How Does it Help Your Enterprise

As businesses respond to the logistical impacts of the pandemic, digital transformation continues to accelerate, pushing for a greater number of enterprises to transition to the cloud. Businesses witnessing this shift are understanding the importance of mobilising their physically disaggregated workforces, by equipping their businesses with infrastructure that empowers their at-home or hybrid employees. Users […]

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What is a DWDM Open Line System and How Does it Help Your Business?

DWDM Open Line System

With budgets left strapped and stretched by the pandemic, key decision-makers face significant resistance to the allocation of company resources being placed anywhere that is not critical to performance. Ironically, an accompanying belief often follows that an investment into digital infrastructure cannot provide benefits that help businesses improve their performance across the entire enterprise. This […]

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Why a Cloud Network OS Solution is the Right Choice for your Enterprise

Cloud Network OS Solution

The growing demand for IT infrastructure means that security, routing, network, and digital solutions from disparate sources can no longer deliver the value needed by modern enterprises. […]

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6 Simple Ways to Keep Your Team Cyber Safe

cyber security

Whether your employees are working from home or in the office, your team must be kept cyber safe. In Australia alone, cyber attacks cost businesses $29 billion a year with 1 attack happening every 10 minutes.   Cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated, even altering email invoices mid-send to redirect funds, holding an individual’s personality for […]

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