Why Enterprises are Choosing Smartoptics for Brocade Networking

Why Enterprises are Choosing Smartoptics for Brocade Networking

Why Enterprises are Choosing Smartoptics for Brocade Networking

Reliability and performance are crucial for mission-critical workloads, making the choice of networking solutions a critical decision for enterprises. Smartoptics has emerged as a trusted solution for enterprises using Brocade networking solutions.

According to a recent survey, 89% of Australian enterprises consider network reliability as their top priority, highlighting the importance of dependable solutions. Smartoptics delivers advanced, high-performance solutions tailored to meet the demanding needs of modern enterprises. With a focus on seamless integration and robust performance, this ensures that businesses can maintain uninterrupted operations. For Australian enterprises, this reliability translates to reduced downtime and increased productivity, crucial factors for success today.

Proven DCI Solutions for Brocade Networking

Data centre interconnection (DCI) is crucial for enterprises with mission-critical workloads. According to Broadcom, 96% of global banks, airlines, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and retailers use Fibre Channel (FC) for their most critical operations because of its unparalleled security and reliability. Brocade switches, whether sold by Brocade or through OEM partners have been the backbone of FC networks for generations. The importance of a reliable DCI solution that seamlessly integrates with Brocade cannot be overstated.

Solutions like Smartoptics for Brocade networking ensure minimal risk of downtime, the lowest latency and the fastest error resolution. This reliability is important for industries where even a minor disruption can result in significant liabilities. For instance, a bank or airline facing DCI downtime during a disaster could incur substantial financial and reputational damage.

Consistency and Compatibility Across Platforms

One of the key advantages of solutions like Smartoptics is their compatibility across different purchasing channels. Whether enterprises buy Brocade SAN switches directly from Broadcom or through OEM partners, they can rely on the same performance and benefits from using Smartoptics to interconnect them. This flexibility ensures that enterprises can maintain consistent performance and reliability regardless of their procurement choices. Several leading distributors globally offer both Brocade SAN switches and Smartoptics’ embedded transceivers and open line systems, further simplifying the integration process for enterprises.

Strategic Partnership with a Focus on Openness and Flexibility

At Independent data Solutions, our value proposition transcends technology; it is about forging strategic partnerships that emphasise openness, flexibility, and transparency. Through the implementation of Smartoptics solutions, organisations gain a partner committed to delivering advanced technology and exceptional support, ensuring the seamless and efficient operation of their mission-critical workloads.

For Brocade Gen 7, Broadcom raises the bar by exclusively partnering with Smartoptics. This collaboration introduces specialised components such as 16G and 32G FC embedded transceivers and the compact DCP-M open line system. Four years after its 2020 launch, Smartoptics remains the sole layer 1 tested vendor for Brocade SANs. The stringent requirements of Gen 7 mean only certified transceivers are compatible with these switches, making Smartoptics’ offerings the exclusive certified choice for ensuring optimal performance and security in critical network infrastructures.

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