netFLEX (network FLEXibility) by LightRiver, is a network automation platform designed to address the complexities of disparate transport networks, suppliers, and technologies. As the only platform that enables the agnostic management of transport networks, netFLEX allows you to interrogate your optical network — your way — without vendor lock-in and inclusive of a self-serve option.

Comprehensive Network
Automation and Flexibility

The netFLEX platform is purpose-built to transform how organisations in Australia and New Zealand manage and view their network hardware regardless of their current setup. As an enabler of digital transformation, netFLEX’s comprehensive transport network automation can be leveraged within any network operator or extended to partners and customers such
as Smartoptics’ Open Line Systems.

For the first time ever, businesses in the region will benefit from:

  • Significant cost avoidance
  • Industry-leading multi-vendor, multigenerational and multi-technology support
  • Operational scalability as your business grows
  • New revenue enablement to transform your bottom line
  • Dynamic network inventory discovery to maximise automation
  • Real-time data collection and analytics for actionable insight
  • Network-on-Demand and Self-Serve digital experiences

The disparity in network expansion and the constant evolution of technology has resulted in complexities that are overwhelming to manage at scale. netFLEX helps achieve simplification through uniform network management. A task that normally would take 2 to 3 hours to complete, through our collaboration with netFLEX, will reduce it to as little as 3 minutes.

– Ian Deane, Director



Discover Realtime
Inventory (DRI)

Discover your unused network and capacity. Likely only 70% of your inventory is accurate. Reduce service delivery and assurance functions by 80% or more by leveraging the “truth”

Discover Analyse
& Assure (DAA)

DAA collects all vital health and performance data from the network to automatically detect, predict, and resolve issues – this Reduces Trouble Shooting Time by 90% as it only takes a minute to determine the service path, gather data and isolate the transport issue.

Optical Domain
Controller (ODC)

Leverage real-time inventory as the source-of-truth to know where network and capacity exists. Human hands are allowed to be off the network due to the real-time service-path that is auto-designed, and auto-provisioned.

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