At Independent Data Solutions, we design, build and implement network solutions specifically tailored to meet your business’s requirements.

We begin the process by familiarising ourselves with your business and its particular data management and networking needs. Only after gaining a high level insight into your unique requirements we can move onto designing, building and implementing your personalised data solutions.


Trusted by Australian Government departments and national corporate clients, no project is beyond our scope of expertise. Regardless of size, complexity or unique requirements, we have the theoretical knowledge and practical expertise to effectively manage your networking needs.

Since our inception in 2004, Independent Data Solutions has recognised the essential role played by data storage and network management in Australian business. This importance has only increased as the business world continues
to rely more heavily on IT infrastructure and software solutions.

Throughout our operation, we have witnessed and adapted to new and exciting technology innovations in network management. We believe that in order to design, build and implement our solutions most effectively, our knowledge and application must remain at the frontier of data technology innovation.

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