Komprise is an analytics-driven software that helps organisations scales and manage data across storage, without external influence, dedicated infrastructure or changes to the hot data or control path. Komprise data management software eliminates cost, complexity and disruption of legacy data management approaches with a modern architecture built from the ground-up to be simple and efficient.

Intelligent Data Management

Komprise Intelligent Data Management provides an approach to data management driven by analytics and engineered with the needs of both users and organisations in mind. The platform provides an efficient solution to analyse, archive, migrate, replicate and manage data, whilst maintaining scalability and reliability.

Providing instant data insights across all NAS and Object data silos, Komprise Intelligent Data Management is equipped for both onsite and cloud data management.

Komprise Intelligent Data Management is fully equipped with:

  • Dynamic data analytics – in addition to cloud analytics and deep analytics, enhancing your ability to get more out of your data.
  • Transparent move technology – facilitating the seamless archiving of cold data so that users experience no disruption. Full data fidelity is present at every tier of storage and no rehydration takes place during data access.
  • Direct data access – Any data that is moved or stored is left fully intact, meaning it can be retrieved with both file and native access – without challenge or penalty. Regardless of the data tier, information is always on hand and accessible.

Elastic Data Migration

Elastic data migration is a fully optimised data transfer platform which can run, monitor and manage hundreds of data migrations faster than ever before at a fraction of the cost. The platform is capable of managing both cloud migrations and NAS migrations at new levels of efficiency.

Elastic data migration reduces the labour involved in transfer processes by shrinking migration times and minimising network usage. By doing so, elastic data migration achieves increased efficiency in transfer over WANs. Comprehensive analysis is conducted prior to migration, enhancing planning and management of data transfers. In addition to reliable migration across NAS and cloud, elastic data migration also offers simplified data management and sustained high performance.

The elastic data migration system is purchasable as either standalone or can be included in the Komprise Intelligent Data Management platform.


Komprise Architecture is meticulously designed to manage modern scaling of data without hindering user access. Architecture is suited to operate across any storage system which uses standard protocols without interfering with hot data, metadata or network paths. Users can access their data with full fidelity from any remote location – no lock-in required.

Utilising patented transparency, Komprise Architecture provides fully transparent access to archived files on source as well as native access on target. Data storage is easily scaled in a moment’s notice without bottlenecks. The system has been designed with a REST-based API and can be managed via either the API or the UI. Virtual data lakes can be exported from Komprise Deep Analytics using REST APIs.

komprise architecture
komprise integration


Komprise Data Management products can be fully integrated with standards based third-party products. Using the Komprise platform, any of your storage can be used as a source or a destination interchangeably, providing you with maximum flexibility. Komprise can be integrated with the following:


  • Dell EMC: Isilon, Unity, VNX
  • NetApp ONTAP, CloudVolumes ONTAP
  • Azure NetApp Files
  • Pure Storage FlashBlade, FlashArray
  • Qumulo
  • HPE Scale-Out Storage
  • Nutanix
  • Hitachi
  • Windows File Server
  • Any NFS, SMB

Public Clouds

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google
  • IBM Cloud
  • Wasabi

Object Store/Private Cloud

  • Dell EMC ECS
  • NetApp StorageGRID
  • Scality
  • Cloudian
  • Pure Storage FlashBlade, FlashArray
  • IBM Cloud Object Storage
  • Cohesity
  • Nutanix

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