At the forefront of open network software and solutions, IP Infusion is a leading provider to carriers, service providers, and data centre operators across the globe. With a robust clientele of over 600 and countless deployments, IP Infusion empowers network operators to break down their network architectures. This disaggregation fosters rapid innovation, simplifies operations, and significantly cuts down the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Empowering Network Flexibility

The decoupling of software and hardware in network systems empowers users to select from a broader range of hardware suppliers, preventing vendor lock-in. This shift paves the way for more equitable features and cost options in network infrastructures, leading to significant cost reductions.

With applications increasingly running on the cloud, the comprehensive adoption of Total Network Disaggregation will bridge the gap, delivering unparalleled terabit-scale performance across Access, Aggregation, Transport, and Data Centre scenarios.


At the heart of our offering is the industry’s leading network operating system, designed for seamless compatibility with open networking hardware or as part of a comprehensive, bundled solution. This platform is tailored to empower your choices, ensuring you can leverage the best of both worlds in software and hardware integration.

  • Lower TCO: Up to 65-75% savings against legacy equipment vendors
  • Industry Standard CLI
  • World-class 24/7/365 support
  • Scale up to Terabit switching bandwidth

Fixed Access: Cable, PON, Ethernet, FWA Metro Aggregation, Provider edge, IPoDWDM Supported Capacities: 32G – 14.4T Broadband Aggregation and Edge Routing

  • Broadband Aggregation Solution
  • Fixed Wireless Aggregation
  • Mobile Network Aggregation
  • Passive Optical Network Aggregation
  • Ethernet & Cable Internet Aggregation
  • Provider Network
  • Routed Optical Networking

D-RAN, C-RAN, O-RAN and Private 5G
Fixed Access, Metro Aggregation
Supported Capacities: 32G – 360G

OcNOS Cell Site Router (CSR)

Disaggregate Cell Site Gateway (DCSG)

OcNOS CSR is a smart converged integrated access platform that enables Service Providers to deliver next-level business and entertainment experiences. It is a complete carrier-class, Cell Site Router (CSR) product, aligning with the Telecom Infra Projects’s (TIP) Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway (DCSG) technical specification

OCNOS for Data Centre: Data Centre Leaf, Spine and Top-of-Rack

Open standard networking for web-scale and cloud environments. OcNOS DC can be used to build both Layer-3 and Layer-2 Data Centre fabric as it provides a rich set of control plane features, providing robust quality, ensuring lower costs and at the same time providing vendors with a best-of-breed selection for hardware platforms. Support for advanced capabilities such as EVPN-VxLAN and IP over DWDM is available in OcNOS DC.

OcNOS Routed Optical Networking

Optical transport software platform to simplify multi-layer networking. OcNOS RON supports interconnecting Edge Data Centres , Fibre Backhaul for RAN densification, Metro Ring Topology and Service Provider Traffic Longhaul uses cases.

IP Maestro

Centralised and Simplified
Network Management for OcNOS

Provisioning, allocation, monitoring and management of any size OcNOS deployment from a centralised, easy to use Web-based graphical user interface.

IP Maestro: Network Automation Platform for OcNOS

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