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Quantum provides solutions for industry leading organisations, to help manage large amounts of video data and demanding workflows to offer secure, reliable data management solutions that assist with ransomware recovery, autonomous vehicles, archiving surveillance data and providing enterprise backup solutions.

Tape Storage

Quantum tape storage offers enterprises with access to a scalable data repository that provides effective, cost-efficient storage against cyberthreats. The modular design of Quantum Scalar® Tape Libraries allow for the rapid and scalable addition of additional storage slots for compliance, digital media, and image archiving.

Quantum’s Capacity-on-Demand (CoD) slot licensing provides a level of storage granularity to help you better manage your storage costs in a pay-as-you-grow approach with capacity for scaling from 1,125 TB up to 540 PB based on LTO-9 compressed capacity.

tape storage
Stornext File System

Stornext File System, Appliances and Block Storage Systems

StorNext delivers automated, full data lifecycle management from data creation to cold storage or deletion. Quantum’s flexible range of appliances and block storage systems help enterprises maximize the power of the StorNext File System for high-speed collaboration, continuous access to relevant data and the movement of data to low-cost storage once it is no longer demanded.

Our range of StorNext compatible appliances and block storage systems are designed to handle high throughput and low latency workloads.

The StorNext appliances and block storage systems include:


  • The H4000 series
  • Xcellis appliances

Block Storage systems

  • F-Series NVMe Storage Servers
  • H2000 Series SSD/HDD Storage Arrays
  • QXS™-Series SSD/HDD Storage Arrays

Cold Data Storage

Quantum ActiveScale™ Cold Storage is a new class of object storage that provides secure, highly durable, and extremely low-cost storage for archiving of your cold data. ActiveScale™ Cold Storage allows for the preservation of data over years, leveraging S-3 enabled apps and workflows to allow your data to be accessed from an existing data centre, co-location or through a hosted IT environment.

Whether you are developing solutions for life and earth sciences, media production, government programs, web services, IoT infrastructure, AI/ML, or video surveillance, ActiveScale puts an affordable, scalable solution within reach. By using ActiveScale, your enterprise can build your own private cloud storage environment, seamlessly grow your data stores from terabytes to exabytes, and reduce the cost of your cold data by up to 80%.

Cold Data Storage
DXi-Series Enabled Backup Storage

DXi-Series Enabled Backup Storage

Our backup storage solutions ensure efficiency, scalability and effectiveness across deduplication to improve business recovery following a ransomware attack or other cyberattacks.

Using Quantum’s deduplication algorithm and DXi-series appliances, your enterprise can realise organisation wide data storage efficiency through the reduction of data, minimisation of disk storage and minimisation of WAN traffic when replicating.

The DXi-series appliances allow for eased scalability and data ingestion, allowing up to 99 TB/hr throughput using DXi Accent™ with restore capabilities for all leading backup applications.

Our ransomware capability allows for up to 19 9’s data durability with new 2D erasure coding and a rock-solid, redundant RAIL architecture that easily scales to accommodate billions of objects, exabytes of data, and new generations of technology.

Surveillance Storage and Analytics

Our range of surveillance storage and analytics software and applications allow for system-level resilience and data protection technology that maintains the ability to store, access, and analyse video even in the event of disk or appliance failure.

The VS-HCI series is optimised to handle the unique requirements of modern video surveillance workloads. It eliminates frame drops to ensure video loss and image degradation never occur. Every VS-HCI appliance’s storage and performance resources are aggregated and available to every camera, so you can be confident that cameras will get the sustained performance that they require, even in the event of hardware failure.

Surveillance Storage and Analytics

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