We are more than just product distributors.
We are the key to a successful project.

At Independent Data Solutions, our experience in understanding data management and networking allows us to design, build and implement a solution to meet your business goals.

We are trusted suppliers to many Australian Government departments, as well as corporate clients nationwide. We work collaboratively with all partners to identify their needs to find the optimal resolution.

We are more than just product distributors, every project has unique requirements and we take pride in our involvement from: consultation and design, hardware & software solutions, implementation and training.


We offer a comprehensive suite of network and data management products and services.
With our tailored service and design solutions, our products are used by large and small businesses alike.


IDS was founded in 2004, originally with an emphasis on data storage however, over the last few years there has been a shift, creating tailored network solutions for clients.

We seek the most innovative solutions for your problem, aiming to provide improved efficiency and high performance scalable systems. Our team has extensive experience in the industry and are passionate about their work, providing valuable input into your decision making process.



We have what it takes to deliver a successful project. Whether your company is in need of specialised guidance in line with its unique technological requirements or you are looking to collaborate on the implementation of a networking or data management solution, IDS is here to help. Explore how we’ve helped corporate and government clients alike improve their network performance, mitigate risk and operate efficiently.

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