IDS brings new tech to market amid double digit growth

IDS brings new tech to market amid double digit growth

IDS brings new tech to market amid double digit growth

Source: ARN

Recently invested in new back office and sales related systems which will enable it to grow and expand. Independent Data Solutions (IDS) has seen its business flourish in the past 12 months – more than doubling its revenue and profit numbers.


The specialist distributor currently has a network of resellers that service more than 50 federal government agencies along with three major banks and many enterprises.

IDS director Ian Deane said it recently invested in new back office and sales related systems which will enable it to grow and expand. As such, it will be increasing its sales and tech staff to assist channel partners and inform end users.

He credits consistency, trust and efficiency as the key ingredients to maintain a flexible and rapid turnaround in all sales and post-sales aspects.


“What we are hearing from our end users relates to flexibility offered by disaggregation, open solutions and simplicity to install and manage,” he said.

“Gone are the days of being locked into legacy proprietary vendors who sell what they have, not what the customer really needs.”

Ian Deane IDS


The aim, Deane said, was to bring to market new and improved technologies. The newest vendor added to its stack, IPInfusion, was brought on board in March and specialises in open network operating systems.

“Their products offer proven disaggregated networking solutions that provide tremendous flexibility and scale, while maintaining a small footprint resulting with an optimised design for the data centre,” Deane said.

“IPInfusion products complement our existing solutions in the network space and offer similar benefits such as lower infrastructure costs, simpler management, plus reduced power and footprint adding real value to our end users.

“The technologies we bring are complex yet simple to implement such as zero touch and easy to manage. Added to a rapid ROI [return on investment], our solutions enable customers to regain control and manage them in-house producing substantial cost savings.”

Scandinavian vendor Smartoptics is one aspect of its portfolio that generates a lot of revenue for IDS, which Deane says is mostly due to the “open line systems” and ability to deliver with an auditable and certified supply chain which is becoming more important for critical infrastructure and major project delivery work.

IDS will be conducting an invitation-only Australian and New Zealand customer roadshow with Smartoptics, which will be focusing on the expansion of Layer 1 encryption and the launch of the ROADM (Reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexers) DCP-R-34D product, which supports building large and regional networks.

IDS is also preparing for the launch of the SoSmart management suite, which provides clients with tools to support Smartoptics products in an open multi-layer and multi-vendor environment.

Deane said network security and capacity were growing exponentially for clients as they seek ways to deal with the influx of data and scale for the future.

“They realise that they must modernise, however they need to do this with minimal disruption to the business and cost-effectively,” Deane said.

“Our team works with clients to navigate this minefield and provide them with solutions that deliver the lowest cost per GB ratio for data transferred.”

According to Deane, major customers are looking to bring ownership back in house, not so much the location of infrastructure but the responsibility and ownership components.

“Our solutions reduce complexity via automation and zero touch implementation which therefore decreases management time and overhead,” he added.

“We see the importance of certified and proven solutions specifically for critical infrastructure while ensuring the ability for growth (upgrades/expansion) with minimal or no operational impact.”

Source: ARN