How to Maximise DCI Performance with Brocade Gen 7 and 32G FC

How to Maximise DCI Performance with Brocade Gen 7 and 32G FC

How to Maximise DCI Performance with Brocade Gen 7 and 32G FC

Upgrading to Brocade Gen 7 might not have originally included considerations for your DCI, yet it’s crucial not to overlook the DWDM optics compatible with your Brocade switches. Notably, Gen 7 compatibility issues mean that only certified transceivers can be used; 16G optics are restricted to the X7 director, and 8G optics are no longer supported. However, there are compelling reasons to enhance your DWDM optics when moving to Gen 7.

Unlike previous Brocade versions, which supported a variety of certified transceivers across different brands, Gen 7 limits your options significantly—yet this limitation is intentional. To ensure peak performance and minimise downtime, Brocade Gen 7 switches are engineered to exclusively support certified transceivers that enable secure optics functionality. Using uncertified transceivers will likely result in recognition failures by your Brocade switch or director.

Simplify Your Transition to 32G FC with an Active Open Line System

In previous Brocade iterations, continuing with the same 8G FC optics might have seemed practical. However, with the introduction of Gen 7, Brocade is phasing out support for these slower speeds, pushing the adoption of 16G and 32G FC. This shift not only aligns with technological advancements but also brings significant benefits. Yet, it also demands a reconsideration of your existing DWDM optics, as older systems likely won’t suffice.

To begin with, your optics need to support at least 16G FC, though 32G FC is ideal. However, upgrading isn’t just about speed. Faster protocols can introduce new challenges, such as increased dispersion. This phenomenon causes light of different wavelengths to travel at varying speeds within the fibre, potentially exacerbating issues when using passive muxponder-based or amplified DWDM setups. Without addressing these concerns, you might not fully leverage the performance enhancements offered by Brocade Gen 7 in your DCI.

Moreover, the extended reach necessary for effective data centre interconnectivity may be compromised. Traditionally, setups like those used by banks, retailers and government agencies could transmit 8G FC up to 80 km. However, 32G FC typically covers only about 8 km without enhancements. Utilising an active open line system, equipped with proper amplification and capable of compensating for dispersion, becomes essential. This system not only extends reach but also ensures smooth installation and optimal functioning at higher bit rates.

Enhancing Resilience and Efficiency in Mission-Critical Workloads

Consider the advantages of upgrading the DWDM optics in your data centre interconnect: not only can you achieve improved performance, efficiency and resilience, but these upgrades are also pivotal in bolstering security for mission-critical workloads. Your DCI is essential for synchronous mirroring, which plays a crucial role in protecting critical transaction data and ensuring its integrity.

A key benefit of Brocade Gen 7 is its utilisation of autonomous SAN technology along with advanced telemetry, which greatly enhances the efficiency of your data centre SAN. Similarly, an active open line system upgrades your DCI with comparable enhancements. Modern open line systems include features such as automatic power balancing, automated dispersion compensation, and comprehensive optical monitoring. These features streamline the management of your DWDM network, making it more resilient and easier to oversee.

Securing Long-Term Value and Synergy in DWDM Upgrades

Upgrading your DWDM optics not only meets current needs but also prepares your infrastructure for the future, enhancing the return on your investment. A compelling feature of next-generation open line systems is their ability to support 100G and 400G Ethernet in conjunction with 32G FC. This dual compatibility allows you to maximise your infrastructure’s utility by accommodating both Fibre Channel and Ethernet through a single network framework, creating significant operational synergies.

Exclusive Certification of Smartoptics for Brocade Gen 7

Brocade has exclusively certified Smartoptics’ 16G and 32G FC DWDM transceivers and their comprehensive open line system solutions for use with Gen 7, reflecting their high confidence in the technology’s reliability. The Smartoptics DCP-M family of active open line systems allows you to fully utilise Brocade Gen 7 and 32G FC for your DCI. These systems come with embedded optics that simplify installation—just replace your current system from virtually any vendor. Configuring the Smartoptics system is as straightforward as setting up a passive line system. This integration facilitates automation and ease of use while supporting advanced capabilities for 32G FC, 100G Ethernet, and 400G Ethernet.

As a longstanding partner, we are fully committed to harnessing the power of Smartoptics products. Our primary goal is to aid organisations and government agencies throughout Australia and New Zealand in optimising their networks. We demonstrate our dedication not only by supporting open networking but also by guaranteeing the highest levels of interoperability and flexibility in the latest solutions for fibre optic networking.

To know more about Brocade Gen 7 or a solution that’s right for you, speak to our team.