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Closer Look: Komprise Data Migrations

Source: Komprise Intelligent data management is changing the way IT organisations view their data, data retention, ownership costs and positioning data for value and migrations. Data migrations have been a regular ongoing exercise as data growth requires larger systems and hardware continually ages out. But, they no longer need to be a complex burden. […]

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How Your Organisation Can Unlock the Value of Unstructured Data

Unlock the Value of Unstructured Data

When it comes to data, there are two main categories for organisation, structured & unstructured data. Structured data is well-organised, accurately formatted, easily found and processed, and is typically presented in the form of standardised text and numbers. On the flip side, unstructured data isn’t categorised in any pre-defined way and is stored in its […]

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The 5 Ways Businesses Are Improving Their Data Management

data management

A growing number of businesses have begun the process of digital transformation in a bid to leverage the full potential of their digital infrastructure and achieve greater financial performance. […]

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