Reasons Why You Should Opt for Smartoptics in Your Brocade SAN DCI Solution

Reasons Why You Should Opt for SmartOptics in Your Brocade SAN DCI Solution

Reasons Why You Should Opt for Smartoptics in Your Brocade SAN DCI Solution

Organisations across diverse sectors, including banking, retail, airlines, pharmaceuticals, and government agencies, depend heavily on Storage Area Networks (SAN) for their mission-critical operations. These networks often utilise Brocade switches, a crucial component in managing data flow and ensuring network reliability. As technology evolves, it becomes essential for such organisations to stay updated with the latest advancements to maintain efficiency and security. This is where the 7th generation of Brocade technology comes into play.

Upgrading to the latest generation of Brocade technology is not just a step towards better performance; it’s a strategic necessity for businesses aiming to thrive in an increasingly digital world. The 7th generation offers significant enhancements over its predecessors, making it a vital update for any organisation that relies on Brocade switches within their SAN infrastructure.

Smartoptics stands out as the preferred choice for implementing Gen 7 Brocade technology for several compelling reasons. Here, we delve into the top four reasons that make Smartoptics the go-to option for businesses seeking to leverage the power and efficiency of the 7th generation of Brocade technology. These reasons underscore Smartoptics’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of businesses operating in these critical sectors.

Ensure Unparalleled Reliability with Unique Certification for Brocade Gen 7

In environments where mission-critical workloads are paramount, avoiding downtime is crucial. Choosing a solution that is certified by the switch vendor for your Brocade Storage Area Network (SAN) ensures a high level of reliability and security. In the past, for Brocade switches, multiple vendors were considered for testing layer 1 optical transport in various generations. However, with the advent of Gen 7 technology, Broadcom has raised the bar for quality and performance, opting to collaborate exclusively with Smartoptics.

Smartoptics provides a range of specialised components for Brocade SANs. This includes 16G and 32G Fibre Channel (FC) embedded transceivers, the space-efficient DCP-M open line system, which occupies just 1U of rack space, and additional options like external transponders or muxponders for tasks such as conversion and encryption.

Three years following the 2020 launch of Gen 7, Smartoptics remains the only vendor whose end-to-end solutions have been layer 1 tested and approved specifically for Brocade SANs. The Gen 7 standards necessitate secure optics functionality, which means only certified transceivers are programmed to be compatible with Brocade Gen 7 switches. This is a critical consideration since third-party optics might not even be recognised when used in these switches. The 16G and 32G embedded transceivers from Smartoptics hold the distinction of being the exclusive certified optics for Brocade Gen 7, underscoring their compliance with the highest standards set for network reliability and security.

Attain the Lowest Latency with the Most Compact Footprint for Your Brocade SAN

At 32G FC, achieving sufficient reach without an active solution is generally challenging. For other network architectures used with Brocade switches, this necessitates the deployment of external transponders or muxponders. Smartoptics simplifies this by allowing you to directly plug transceivers into your switches and utilise an open line system requiring just 1U of rack space.

This eliminates an entire layer from your network, reducing latency with fewer network components for signals to traverse. Our fully optical open line systems eliminate latency from electric-optic-electric conversion. Furthermore, the smaller footprint can save on rack space and energy expenses, enhancing cost efficiency and sustainability. Configuration and operation are also simplified with a plug-and-play setup.

Smartoptics’ compact solutions for Brocade Gen 7 offer:

  • Reduced latency
  • Lower rack space costs
  • Minimised energy consumption
  • Streamlined configuration

If required, you can always add an external Smartoptics transponder or muxponder, known for being more energy-efficient, compact, and less complex compared to industry standards.

Simplify Troubleshooting with Out-of-the-Box Support for Brocade Diagnostics Brocade

Gen 7 is equipped with robust diagnostics, troubleshooting, and loopback features, allowing instant error identification and continuous performance optimisation. In other network architectures, these features may not function properly or require manual configuration.

Smartoptics’ uniquely certified Gen 7 solutions provide out-of-the-box support for all Brocade loopback and diagnostic features, eliminating the need for manual configuration.

Consolidate Networks with Support for FC and Ethernet in a Single Solution

Why go through the hassle of managing separate systems for Fibre Channel and Ethernet when it’s no longer necessary? Smartoptics’ open line systems support both 32G FC and other protocols up to 400G Ethernet within a single solution. This simplifies your network, shortens learning curves for your team, and enhances cost efficiency. Opting for Smartoptics also provides the flexibility to run both FC and Ethernet over the same DCP-M open line system.

In high-stakes environments where downtime is not an option, selecting a certified solution for your Brocade SAN is crucial. For Gen 7, Broadcom elevates standards by exclusively partnering with Smartoptics. This partnership brings specialised components like 16G and 32G FC embedded transceivers and the space-efficient DCP-M open line system. Three years post its 2020 introduction, Smartoptics remains the singular layer 1 tested vendor for Brocade SANs. Gen 7’s stringent requirements mean only certified transceivers are compatible with these switches, making Smartoptics’ offerings, the exclusive certified choice for ensuring optimal performance and security in critical network infrastructures.

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