What is a DWDM Open Line System and How Does it Help Your Business?

DWDM Open Line System

What is a DWDM Open Line System and How Does it Help Your Business?

With budgets left strapped and stretched by the pandemic, key decision-makers face significant resistance to the allocation of company resources being placed anywhere that is not critical to performance. Ironically, an accompanying belief often follows that an investment into digital infrastructure cannot provide benefits that help businesses improve their performance across the entire enterprise. This is not the fault of key decision-makers, but rather, the fault of tech marketers failing to provide clear, comprehensible and understandable information to the market that provides education about the benefits of this technology.

Across Australia and New Zealand, a growing number of firms are realising the importance of their digital and telecommunications infrastructure, in response to the shift toward the digital landscape, with a number of technologies increasing in popularity. One of the most popular has been DWDM optical networks, which has seen organisations achieve impressive feats, such as generating 100G networks, futureproofing digital infrastructures, and improving network efficiency at a lower cost.

But just how are they doing all of these things at once? Find out.

What is DWDM Technology?

Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) technology is an optical multiplexing technology designed to increase bandwidth by allowing multiple streams of data to be sent across a single network. It allows organisations to do this by densely packaging data and distributing it across multiple wavelengths on a single fibre. This increases bandwidth and the amount of information that can be handled by a network, allowing for up to 100G to be distributed across each channel. This gives businesses the opportunity to send and receive files to or from data centres in significantly less time and at a fraction of the cost.

What is an Open Line System?

An open line system (OLS) is a traditional optical line system used in telecoms that frees users from vendor lock-ins and allows for the configuration of a network that uses best-in-class parts from a variety of different manufacturers and vendors. This allows for customers to use APIs provided by their OLS provider to leverage open-source solutions and develop more efficient networks at a lower cost. Additionally, thanks to the more efficient transfer of data, customers can expect to see reduced power costs and consumption across the OLS’s user-friendly zero-touch automatic optical set-up.

How Do They Help Your Business?

DWDM open line systems help businesses to take complete advantage of their optic systems, substantially increasing the bandwidth of their network, adding years onto its lifespan and futureproofing it for newly developed technology capabilities such as 400G. Open line systems help your business through open-source architecture, removing vendor lock-ins and allowing your network infrastructure to be comprised of best-in-class components.

What’s Available for Your Enterprise

SmartOptics stands as Australia’s premier open line system vendor, offering a world-leading direct connectivity platform (DCP) across their DWDM open line system, that provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and simplicity to your business. The system’s smart system integrators automatically manage and accept disaggregated components, meaning all that’s required of your organisation’s tech team is to turn it on, connect the line fibre, and attach the 100G transceiver, allowing the DCP to take care of the rest.

If your business has any questions regarding DWDM open line systems or are interested in installing a SmartOptics open line system, please contact one of our network professionals today.