How Your Business Can Harness the Power of an Open Line System

Open line systems

How Your Business Can Harness the Power of an Open Line System

A traditional issue facing companies that have sought to update their telecommunications network and IT infrastructure has been the sourcing of components from a single supplier.

It’s a frustrating situation for many companies, because generally speaking, no one vendor offers the highest performing technology or desired level of value across all of their components in their networking solutions. It promotes a situation where one company might specialise in offering the best performing switches on the market, but not have the required transceivers or optical transport solutions compared to competitors in the industry.

Thankfully, the introduction of open line systems means organisations no longer have to make frustrating trade-offs between the various layers and functional requirements of a business’ IT network. In order to help business owners understand what it means for them, this article provides a guide on how your business can harness the power of an open line system.

What is an Open Line System?

An Open Line System allows for a disaggregated optical networking solution, which refers to a network whose components can be split into functional blocks, that allows the operator to select the best-in-class components for each section of the network.

The ability to make new configurations provides a number of distinct benefits from a closed line system, but also comes with its own drawbacks.

How can it benefit your business?

Competitive Pricing

Performing upgrades to an entire closed system can be expensive as multiple parts may need to be replaced and can leave a business locked into receiving updates from only a single vendor. With the ability to use open line systems, operators can attach the best part from each vendor for their network, placing more pressure on manufacturers to provide value for each component in the network.

Scalability & Flexibility

This one may seem more obvious, but the core benefit provided to open line systems is the improvement in flexibility to add the most powerful and efficient components for a given network. By giving more room to add further capacity or functions, allows for a network to grow or shrink rapidly, depending on what’s required.

Improving Bandwidth

Open line systems provide vast improvements on the maximum amount of data that can be transferred across dark fiber as well as decreasing data transfer latency.

Improved Reach

Open line systems allow for a more feasible inclusion of powerful amplification technologies, so it is now easier than ever to add powerful boosters that extend the reach of your network.

Reducing Costs

The ability to buy the latest and greatest technology in the market combined with improvements to energy efficiency and improvements to features can reduce the amount of existing technology required to run an open line system. This results in businesses saving money over time.

What are the setbacks?

The benefits provided by this system can also operate as a double-edged sword. Even though an OLS provides a medley of the best technology available in the market, a problem faced by many operators is the question of how it gets implemented in an optimal and functional way. Creating a system that has all of the best technology to suit one type of business may be more complex to monitor and implement than a traditional closed system, requiring a greater level of technical experience from an operator.

What solutions are available?

SmartOptics is one of the world’s leading providers in open line systems, implementing complex solutions for large organisations and infrastructure for governments across the globe. Smartoptics open line systems were recently utilised in upgrading IX Australia’s network, which improved the scalability of their network, expanded the reach of networking, improved network speeds and saved the organisation money on system upkeep and maintenance.

Currently, Smartoptics has a number of dynamic connectivity platform (DCP) solution options, all at sizes and scales designed to fit the unique needs of networks. Detailed information about the applicability of Smartoptics’ open line DCP can be found on our website in addition to the specifications available for use within Australia.


If your business has any questions regarding open line systems and their implementation, consider getting in contact with the team at Independent Data Solutions today.

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