IDS Partners with IP Infusion for Network Disaggregation

IDS x IP Infusion Partnership

IDS Partners with IP Infusion for Network Disaggregation

SYDNEY – March 13, 2024 – Independent Data Solutions (IDS) today announced its partnership with IP Infusion, to transform how network operators in Australia and New Zealand build and manage their infrastructure, empowering them with unprecedented flexibility, scalability, and cost savings.

IP Infusion Network Disaggregation is a game-changer for network operators. It liberates them from the constraints of traditional monolithic networking solutions by decoupling hardware and software.

“As a champion of digital transformation, IDS is committed to reshaping the networking landscape. Our mission is to empower network operators with innovative solutions that drive efficiency, agility, and cost-effectiveness. With IP Infusion Network Disaggregation, IDS continues to lead the way toward a more open, interconnected future building on the success of our Smartoptics’ Open Line Systems.” states Iain Ashley, CTO of IDS.

With IP Infusion OcNOS as the core operating system, network operators will be able to:

  1. Choose Their Hardware: Operators can select open networking hardware from various vendors, avoiding vendor lock-in and enjoying competitive pricing.
  2. Customise Their Software: OcNOS provides a robust, carrier-grade network operating system that supports a wide range of use cases. Operators can tailor it to their specific requirements, adding features and functionality as needed.
  3. Scale Seamlessly: Whether it’s a small-scale deployment or a massive data centre, OcNOS scales effortlessly to meet the demands of modern networks.

“As open networking gains momentum as a practical and cost-effective alternative, IP Infusion, in collaboration with IDS, aims to deliver unparalleled value to operators in the region. IP Infusion offers an end-to-end networking software platform, OcNOS, that fully leverages the benefits of open networking methodologies in a commercial setting, that will empower network operators in Australia and New Zealand with the tools and flexibility needed to navigate and thrive in the evolving networking landscape,” states Kelly LeBlanc, Chief Marketing and Product Officer of IP Infusion.

The decoupling of software and hardware in network systems empowers users to select from a broader range of hardware suppliers, preventing vendor lock-in. This shift paves the way for more equitable features and cost options in network infrastructures, leading to significant cost reductions.

In a time dominated by cloud-based applications, the comprehensive adoption of Total Network Disaggregation will bridge the gap, delivering unparalleled terabit-scale performance across Access, Aggregation, Transport, and Data Centre scenarios.