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INFINIDAT was founded in 2011 by a team of storage industry experts focused on returning business value to customers by eliminating the compromises between performance, availability, and cost at multi-petabyte scale for enterprise storage.

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Too often, organizations cannot collect all the data they want or take full advantage of all the data they have, due to high costs and poor designs of large scale legacy storage systems.

To address this challenge, INFINIDAT put together a world-class team of inventors and innovators. This team combines proven approaches for reliability and integrity with new approaches for performance and ease-of-use. The result is a team, a technology foundation, and a set of solutions rooted in the fundamental requirements for reliable enterprise storage while embracing cutting edge innovation.

They determined that there is a better, faster way to store and protect multiple petabytes of data, with the highest possible availability at the lowest possible TCO. Their innovative approach is the technological foundation of the InfiniBox® and the rest of the products in the INFINIDAT portfolio.


Investors and customers have clearly embraced INFINIDAT’s approach to innovation. INFINIDAT has established a healthy, growing business with 17 consecutive quarters of revenue growth and investments from TPG Growth and Goldman Sachs totaling $245M, setting INFINIDAT’s post funding valuation at $1.6 Billion dollars. The global customer install base, covering a multitude of vertical industries including healthcare, financial services, and cloud service providers, exceeds well over three exabytes (3 EB).

Today INFINIDAT has over 130 patents, strong revenue growth, and an expanding team of technical professionals dedicated to the success of our customers in their efforts to innovate and grow.


Unique to the INFINIDAT portfolio is the use of a set of fully abstracted software driven functions. These functions include our Neural Cache, InfiniRAID®, and InfiniSnap® technologies. When layered on top of very low-cost commodity hardware, the result is multi-petabyte enterprise storage solutions with an unprecedented seven nines (99.99999%) availability, high performance, and support for a multitude of workloads at scale.


INFINIDAT enterprise storage solutions are installed in Global 500 companies around the world supporting a wide variety of applications and use cases. All of this work was done with a single goal in mind – enable customers to spend less on their infrastructure and focus more on innovation and growth.


Today INFINIDAT supports four enterprise data storage solutions: InfiniBox, InfiniGuard, InfiniSync, and Neutrix Cloud, with an eye towards continuing to support our customers continued success.